Top 15 Best fitness band in India 2019

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Which are the Best Fitness Bands available in India 2019?

This advanced generation is becoming more health conscious to prevent health issues like Blood pressure and Diabetic problems. They are very serious to maintain their body immune system which will make them stronger internally and externally which will save them from thousands of disease.

To maintain our fitness we make a proper diet plan & do the exercise like Running, Gym, Yoga and etc. But we have to monitor our results so we can push our self more and more which is possible with the fitness bands.

5 Golden Rules to make your brain & Body Fit.

  • consume fewer calories & carbohydrates
  • More proteins consumption
  • More Physical workout
  • Proper Medication.
  • At least 7 hrs good sleep.

We are introducing the best Fitness bands & Fitness trackers which help you in the proper management of health. Fitness band is not a magical gadget which will make you fit automatically but it will track your daily activity so you can manage your health properly.

In the market there is thousands of Fitness Band & Fitness Tracker here you will found only the best one from best brand.

These Are Best Fitness Bands in India 2019

These are overall best Fitness bands in India 2019

  • Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro Smart Band with Heart Rate Monitor
  • Garmin Vivosmart 3 Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor
  • Fitbit Blaze Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor
  • Fitbit Charge 2 Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor
  • Huawei Honor Band 3 Fitness Band with Heart Rate Monitor

These Fitness bands are expensive so many people can’t afford it. So we are here with best Fitness Tracker Under 2000, 3000 & 5000 rupees which offer great feature & you can connect with both Android and IOS (Apple) device.


Best Fitness Band under 2000 in India 2019:


Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Fitness Band with Heart Rate Monitor

Best fitness band in india 2019, Best fitness band under 2000


Don’t tell me you don’t know about the Xiaomi or Mi Brand because this is the most loving brand in India now because of its better features with Good built quality & low-cost price.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 is the best fitness tracker if your budget is below 2000 rs. It comes with a most beautiful aluminium design which is water, seat and dust resistant.

  • It offers real-time monitoring of heart rate which is amazing in this range.
  • Most accurate Pedometer: Pedometer means the device which counts steps.
  • For energetic morning and good health the of the most important factor is good sleep so it will remind you how much time you have already sleep.
  • You can see the status of how much calories you had burned.
  • During incoming Calls & massage, it vibrates to notify.
  • This mi band is water resistant upto 50 meters.
  • Battery offers backup up to 20 days.
  • OLED display for visuals.


Ambrane Flexi Fit 11 Smart Band with Heart Rate Monitor

best fitness tracker 2019, best fitness tracker 2018

The Ambrane Flexi Fit stylish fitness tracker with a slightly curved display which enhances its appearance. It offers more feature then the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 but its heart beat tracking sensor not accurate as Xiaomi in exercise mode.

best fitness tracker in india 2019, best fitness tracker in india 2018

  • Here you get Heat rate sensor to measure your heartbeat.
  • It is resistance to water and dust.
  • Calories burning analysis with Sleep monitoring feature.
  • Now count your steps by its Pedometer.
  • It offers Call and SMS alter, which activates when you get call or message on your mobile & started the vibrating.
  • Alarm Future is available here.
  • Anti- Lost system to protect your phone from loosing.
  • Battery stand upto one week.


Xiaomi Mi Band HRX Edition Fitness Tracker

best fitness band in india under 2000, Best fitness band under 1000

The Xiaomi Mi Band HRX Edition and Xiaomi Mi Band both are the same in design and specifications. But in this smart band, you don’t get heart rate monitor which increases its battery life.

  • It offers incoming call & msg notification.
  • Automatically analyze your Sleeping behaviour. How much you.
  • This is also IP67 certified splash proof band.
  • Battery stands upto 23 days.
  • Give status of burned calories.
  • High quality OLED display which consumes less power.


GOQii Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor (3 months)

Fitness Tracker from GOQii Fitness

GOQii Fitness Tracker offers some unique services they come with GOQii family care plan which includes Personal coach and doctor conultaion.

There are total three plans for GOQii Family Care 3 months, 6 months &12 months.

  • Heart rate & blood pressure tracker, It counts both systolic & diastolic pressure.
  • It tracks Active hrs, Sleeping hrs, Distance, number of Calories burned.
  • In this Device, you get 03 months subscription with GOQii Fitness band.
  • No need the extra charger, You can directly charge it via Laptop, power bank & adapter.
  • Different exercise mode to monitor like Running, Cycling & Work Out.
  • Notification alert for incoming Calls, Massages, Alarm, Whatsapp.
  • Coloring OLED Display.
  • Up to 1 weak battery life in one charge.


Best Fitness Band under 3000 in India 2019:

GOQii Vital Fitness Band with Heart Rate Monitor

Best Fitness tracker in India 2019, GOQii Vital Fitness Band with Heart Rate Monitor

If you will ask best fitness tracker under 3K than the GOQii Vital fitness band is the best choice. It offers multiple features with better guidance which really effective way to maintain your health.

  • Here you get 03 months subscription with GOQii Fitness band.
  • It gives you the status of your activities like how much calories are burned, Slept & active hrs, steps & distance you walked.
  • It offers 3 typed of exercise mode Cycling, Running & Work Out.
  • Inside the box you will not get charger because it doesn’t require the charger, It has inbuilt USB charger which can be directly charged by using Power Bank, Laptop & adaptor.
  • It automatically vibrates and notifies you, when you have an incoming call & massages.
  • Colourful OLED display.
  • The battery stands around 7 days.


MEVOFIT Drive Unisexual Fitness Band with Heart Rate Monitor

best fitness band under 3000, best fitness band in india 2019

Mevofit Drive is a super stylish Unisexual Band. It offers an eye-catchy design which makes feel more courage to wear. Not only this fitness band is beautiful is also offers cool features.

best smart band in india 2019

  • This is the Water-resistant band which prevents damages from sweat and water.
  • It tracks your daily activity like how much Calories Burned you, Covered Distance, Steps you walked, analyze your sleeping patterns.
  • Here you also Get Anti- Lost feature and Camera Short.
  • It offers high sensitive touch screen LED display.
  • Here you get USB Charging dongle for re-charging your band.
  • After one time full charge it gives 5 to 7 days continues backup.
  • This fitness brand feature Calls and notification alters.
  • This device is compatible with all Android & IOS device via Bluetooth Connectivity.


Lenovo Spectra HX03W Fitness Band with Heart Rate Monitor

smart band, fitness band, fitness tracker

After knowing the popularity and demand for fitness bands Lenovo has launched its fitness band. Here we are not talking about the Lenovo HW01 & HW02 because they have display issues, We are talking about Lenovo Spectra HX03W Fitness Band which come with Heart rate monitoring technology.

 best fitness band in india 2018, Lenovo Spectra HX03W Fitness Band with Heart Rate Monitor

  • It does not require any extra charger because it has internal USB charger so you can directly plug in the Powerbank or laptop for charging.
  • Heart rate monitoring technology which automatically checks and analyzes your heart rate activities in every 15 min.
  • It offers all good features of a fitness band like Step Counter, B.P Checker, calories burned amount, Alarm & notification alert.
  • This is the waterproof band which is certified by IP68 standards.
  • 12 months warranty from Lenovo.
  • Come with Touchscreen OLED display.


Moov Smart fitness tracker

Moov Smart fitness tracker

Its structure and design are inspired by circular wrist watch. This is the more than an ordinary fitness band, this is a personal fitness training coach. The most attractive feature of moov band is that you and your all friends can join a group and all of yet can compete with each other which is the great feature.

Moov Smart fitness tracker tracking recond on smartphone

  • All friend can join in Group and they can compete with each other.
  • It speaks with you and motivates you for the better workout.
  • In this smart band, you get 9-axis motion sensor which is generally used in gaming technologies.
  • It offers multi fitness modes like Like, Running, Boxing, Cycling & Swimming.
  • Other basic feature like Step counting, Distance covered are available here.
  • Here you will miss display & heart rate sensor.


Curiocity CD115HR Smart Band with Heart Rate Monitor

Curiocity CD115HR Smart Band with Heart Rate Monitor

The CD115HR the good option in 3K segment. Here you get 0.86 Inches OLED screen & its weight is only 18 gram.

Curiocity CD115HR Smart Band health reconrd on Mobile device

  • This fitness band comes with heart rate monitoring sensor.
  • CD115HR has G- sensors which improve the technology and give more accurate results.
  • It tracks your all-day activities like Floor climbing, Distance, step, Calories burned and etc.
  • It also monitors your sleeping behaviour like how much hrs you took deep sleep & light Sleep.
  • This band sync data from your smartphone and notify you by vibration when you get any incoming calls & notification.
  • Re-charging option is available via USB dongle port for charging
  • Took approx 1.5 hrs to full charge and give 5 to 7 days backup.



So let me tell you best Fitness Band/Fitness Tracker According to budget

If Your Budget is under Rs. 2000 then I will recommend you Xioami  Mi Band 3 in our test we found Mi band 3 as the best fitness band under 2000. This band is water resistant and offer you upto 20 days battery back up, in this band you also get heart rate monitor with many more features.

If your budget is under Rs. 3000 then GOQii Vital Fitness Band is one of the best options. This is one of most beautiful Fitness Tracker with colourful OLED display. This device is waterproof and swim-friendly and its battery lasts long up to 7 days.


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